Outdoor School Alumni Association

ODS is an opportunity of a lifetime and we believe it should be accessible to all!
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The Outdoor School Alumni Association fundraises to provide financial support to students by supplementing or covering tuition fees for families that could not otherwise afford to participate. We also provide in-kind support on an as-needed basis in the form of outdoor equipment needed to safely participate in the program.

The Alumni Association works to remove barriers for students to participate in the Outdoor School program.

To access financial or in-kind support to attend Outdoor School please contact the program directly.

Our Board

The Outdoor School Alumni Fund was established in 2002 by a group of former students. Later, the Outdoor School Alumni Association was created, along with a constitution and board, to oversee the Alumni Fund.

Rienna Rueve

Olita Ella

Mitch Lowe

Logan McLeod

Kim Archibald

Cooper Muirhead

Anna-Lilja Dawson

We are also supported by a network of nearly 700 alumni from over 30 semesters, each having benefited from the program.

If you would like to volunteer for the Outdoor School Alumni Association, please contact odsalumni@gmail.com