ODS Gear Fund

As any outdoor enthusiast knows, quality gear is worth its weight in gold! The Outdoor School Program loans a variety of equipment to students. However, there are certain items students are asked to supply on their own. When students cannot afford key items, we step in to cover the cost. 

Over the past decade the Alumni Association has provided students with base layers, winter boots, backpacks, money for food groups, bike tune-ups and hiking boots. The Alumni Association has contributed to the fleet of canoes used by Outdoor School students, and also purchased a cargo trailer – an addition that makes trips to Grasslands National Park run much smoother.

“As a teacher of the Outdoor School program, I really appreciate knowing that the ODSAA will help students purchase good quality gear. Knowing that they have quality winter boots, or a good sleeping bag means that instead of worrying about people staying warm and safe, I get to focus on teaching. Learning outdoors is tough, but having the right equipment sets students up for success, both on trips, and in the classroom.”

– Mitch Lowe